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    Why join the FOP?
    What the FOP does for it's members.
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    Action Center
    Why join the FOP?
    What the FOP does for it's members.
  • FOP Membership Benefits and Application

    Let's get right to the meat and potatoes of what FOP membership provides YOU!


    • Attorney representation in critical incidents, such as officer-involved shootings or in-custody deaths.
    • Defense of criminal matters for duty-related incidents.
    • Defense of civil lawsuits arising from duty-related incidents when the employer does not tender a defense under Florida Statutes 111.07.  This is your attorney representing your best interests!
    • Defense of any duty related proceedings initiated by a member’s employer that could result in disciplinary action or revocation of law enforcement certification.  When you get terminated, the agency will file to have your certification revoked with FDLE for certain offenses.  We defend that action after your termination.
    • Defense coverage members who receive a duty related traffic summons in a departmental vehicle. Coverage will be limited to a maximum amount of $500.00.  FHP issues traffic citations on your crash.  You will get an attorney to represent you upon request.
    • Exigent Circumstance Critical Incidents- The Program will provide representation in reference to incidents that are determined by the Committee to be “critical incidents”. The member shall in good faith make the initial determination as to whether representation is needed immediately at the time of the incident. The member shall have the option of selecting his/her own attorney only when a Program attorney is not available to provide representation. Within 48 hours of the incident, the member shall notify his/her local lodge and/or FSL FOP Committee of the incident.  (Plain language interpretation-This coverage relates to off-duty incidents that, with immediate representation, could assist the member in obtaining a positive outcome both legally and administratively as it relates to maintaining employment.  Examples; DV allegation, disturbance complaint, leaving the scene, ect.  As in, "This is a big misunderstanding that's best explained by my attorney.")
    • Legal Representation Involving Affirmative Relief in Job-Related Matters.
    • Representation during Internal Affairs investigations or any administrative inquiry which could lead to a loss of pay or benefits.
    • Representation for PERC-related issues.
    • Other unique employment-related cases which will be considered on a case by case basis.


    • Representation and negotiation of collective bargaining agreements.
    • You have a voice in the collective bargaining process and participation is encouraged.
    • Monthly labor meeting where we can meet informally to discuss issues and present them to FOP State Representative to bring forward to Agency heads.
    • Representation during the grievance process as it relates to contract issues.  FOP State Representatives will write and present grievances on your behalf.
    • Perform salary studies and research to present to the Sheriff during negotiations.
    • Present to the Sheriff what the FOP members want in their contract.
    • We strive to meet informally with command on a regular basis to pass on what the pulse of the agency is and what the membership's concerns are.


    • We have strong lobbyists and legislative influence to protect the interests of actual Law Enforcement Officers.
    • A survivor benefit for the families of officers killed in the line of duty.
    • A reward for information which leads to the capture of anyone who has killed one of our members.
    • Several scholarship programs for children of FOP members.
    • A training committee which offers training classes taught by nationally recognized instructors on topics from officer-involved shootings to PIO training as well as criminal investigations classes.
    • Disaster Response Teams that deploy to disaster zones to assist members in securing their homes and families as well as offering on-duty members relief tents and hot meals.


    • FOP Journal: The National FOP Journal includes a wide range of law enforcement articles, FOP reports, legislative news, and new products and services.
    • Amicus Curiae Briefs: Friend of the court briefs in important cases for law enforcement.
    • Legislative Support: The FOP coordinates legislative activities, providing its membership with a full-time lobbyist on Capitol Hill.
    • Center for Criminal Justice Studies: The official research organization, providing research studies, surveys of members and a free information service.
    • Seminars and Workshops
    • Labor Relations Committee
    • Data Research/FOPnet System
    • Insurance Benefits
    • Free college benefit!!!


    • Use of the lodge for personal affairs for a nominal cleaning fee.
    • Attend private social events, such as football games, monthly meetings, poker games, ect.
    • Coming Soon!  We are in the planning phases of building a bar inside the lodge. 
    • Monthly fraternal meetings complete with dinner.
    • Annual Christmas Party.
    • Annual Children's Christmas Party.
    • and much, much more!

    So, now that you have heard about the basics of what FOP membership provides, doesn't it seem silly not to have it for only $20 a pay period, which may be tax-deductible.  You have to wonder why anyone would tell you not to join.  Attached is a copy of the application.  Complete it and inter-office mail it to Shelbie Lister, Warrants Unit.

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    FOP Active Member Application
    06/27/2022 - 0.21MB
    This is for current CCSO sworn Employees.

  • Charlotte County Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 66

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